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March 2007

Dear I.A.T.S.E. Local 470 Member:

For some time now there have been discussions about the possibility of offering direct deposit to those who may be interested. After further research both with our bank and our software supplier, and with the cooperation and support of a few Local 470 Members who volunteered to act as a trial group, Alliance, Inc is proud to announce that this option is now available as an additional benefit of union membership in I.A.T.S.E. Local 470.

Along with this cover letter you will find a Direct Deposit sign-up sheet. If you wish to participate in receiving payments for your services by direct deposit, please carefully and clearly fill out the accompanying form and return it along with a voided check, as required, to Alliance, Inc at the address listed on this letter. It will take about two (2) weeks to process your request once it is received by Alliance. Deadline for returning the form is April 1,2007. Your first check that will be a direct deposit check will be Monday, April 16, 2007. All of your future checks will then be direct deposit until you cancel, in writing, your request for direct deposit. All cancellations will also require two (2) weeks before it goes into effect.

Once your direct deposit begins, monies owed you for each pay period will automatically be deposited into your account on the pay date(s) noted on the 2007, 2nd Quarter Pay Schedule. You will no longer receive an actual check. You will receive, by U.S. Mail, your pay stub along with the Excel spread sheet noting exactly where you worked and what you were paid for.

Please keep in mind that direct deposit is being offered as a benefit to Union Membership. All Journeymen and Apprentices in good standings of I.A.T.S.E. Local 470 are eligible to participate in this option if they so choose.

We sincerely hope this added feature Alliance, Inc is offering to Local 470 Members will be an added benefit to all of you who wish to take advantage of this modern and convenient method of banking.

Board of Directors,
Alliance, Incorporated


Please download and print out a copy of the Direct Deposit Authorization form. Follow the in structions on the form, fill it out completely, and return to Allaince, Inc., along with a VOIDED check for the account you will be using. The form is available below in both Word DOC format or in PDF format. Click on the link for the format you prefer. You need to submit only one copy.

Direct Deposit Form (DOC format) Direct Deposit Form (PDF format)